Tuesday, 13 August 2013

hello hi the other day i "promoted" myself on the rookiemag comment section lmao but i think it didn't work?? because i think the readers on my blogs are just ghost readers... oh well i think no one is gonna read my blog anyways lol

today i'm gonna blog about.............AZN MODELS!!! woo yeah!!!

also blogging is supposed to be about yourself right?? haha but my life is pretty boring ( i hope only for now) and i know people say like "oh u make ur life" but whatevs

the two more internet famous ones are kiko mizuhara and soo joo recently i think??

i remember seeing soo joo on urban outfitters a long time ago and thought she was pretty and emailed urban outfitters who she was. they never replied

idk they just look really nice. i like their hair!!

look at her in extra large!!! x means extra right?? and this was what i meant in my last post. about the rings!!
she rocks those dark roots like no one else!!! lol i also like the blonde hair dark eyebrows thing going on. super hip.

this is kiko mizuhara
this is taken from her instagram i think. look at that hair!!! they're also super hip!! and look at her cute tiny nails!!! she would've easily pulled off the black nails/ glittery nails. also i've painted my tiny toenails black which had chipped so much 

look at these models! gorgeous with good fashion taste.

no collage today soz. bye noobz!! (i'm sorry if ure offended when i called u a noob. if u are i take it back)

again an instrumental lmao pretty lame (it's from it's kind of a funny story) it's a piano cover of the pixies so ya 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

hello hello hi hey wassup yo

today i bring u 3 exciting things

see how i bolded exciting aw shit

1. a new tv show hurray!!
 ......... Orange Is the New Black!!!!!
    speaking of orange is the new black, i tried painting my nails black for the 2nd time (i think) and i think i will stop because this isn't working for me :-( i just look like a fuckin emo (no offence emos but i wasn't trying to reach that look) lol those kids with cute tiny bitten off nails totally rock them tho u guys look um.. grungy? good for u!!! now i'm just tryna rock that glitter nail... nail as in one nail because i literally just painted my left ring finger only. it's not that i don't like it, just nail polishes feel weird on my nails lol like heavy and i don't rly like it... plus when i dig my boogies they smell (tmi hehe pls dont leave) oh and i meant by those transparent glitter nail polish :-)

omg guys trust me i'm not 12 even though i type like one!!!! it's just that it feels better typing like that, not all formal, like eating ice cream

2.  here is a collage!!!! again... yep.

3.  accessories that look nice i think

         .......... stackable rings!!! lol i mean like the thin ones that are cheap and like wow man i want them! just put them all oVER ur fingers they look so cute lol... like chokers for your nails! ... just go on ebay and type thin rings, they're easy to find.
ok bye!!!!

finally a song of the post!!! xxxxxxxxxx(my kisses on cheeks for u guys because u read my blog, on lips if you're cute hehe)


Sunday, 7 July 2013

7th of JULy yo or julyO idk

yo yo yo ding dongzz
i made a poopy collage
also blogger is being poopy

here is the "something i want"
 (bcus i dont rly listen to music ok bye) can u recommend pls

Monday, 3 June 2013

wow 2 posts in a day!!! lol
here's another lame ass collage
here it is in extra large!!!

here's a song 

i kinda want these shoes. if you like my blog and want to send me them it's coo

my blog sux

Sunday, 2 June 2013

yo lol 2 people read my blog and didn't coMMENT WHAT DID I FUCKIN TOLD U TO DO.
anyways... don't know what to talk about, so i guess TV shows? i don't really watch tv, i just watch it on the internet.

My top TV shows (in no particular order because some of them I watched a long time ago):

1. The Inbetweeners
Thoughts: As a shallow person, I like watching pretty people. However, in this show everyone is ugly. but they kinda grow on you ya'know. Just a bunch of nerds making sex jokes etc. idk it was funny imo even though I can't really understand what they're saying sometimes because of their accents.

2. Adventure Time
Thoughts: As a perverted teen, even though the show is for kids, they do put hidden dirty jokes in them lol so they're pretty funny. I'm mentally still a child according to everyone so I think everybody will like this show (obvi as LSP says it bcuz everyone's still a child at heart. unless you're dead). If you're not too keen on dirty jokes just don't think too much into it when you watch it. A good family fun time show.

3. Malcolm In The Middle
Thoughts: fuckin americans talk so fast. a lot of nerd talk, some are funny, i fell for both malcolm and reese, if you know this show then you'll know i don't have a type. I kinda fell for malcolm first but then he becomes an asshole and reese's pretty nice then. i hope this isn't a spoiler. spoiler alert? lol whatevr for me season 1 was gr8, then it kinda deteriorate, but got better at the end of season 5 (queue falling for reese). at first i was so sad that i almost finished the show but it's like whatever you know lol cause they're not real. also malcolm got uglier by the season wtf, he was such a cute kid. also i'm not a huge romance fan but i'm still a girl so some episodes made me cry ok

4. Bob's Burgers
Thoughts: new funky fresh haha idk what im talking about. it's really funny tho i kinda hated louise at first but she just keeps getting better. A lot of blunt jokes which i love. ya idk what else to say yep.

extraz: Freaks and Geeks isn't one of my favourites but i think i kinda enjoyed watching it? idk lol it's like an internet favourite tho so i kinda tried to watch it but i don't really remember much of it except the FUNNIEST JOKE BILL MADE omfg. sometimes i like the show just because i feel like i have to like it? idk how to explain it, but yea i like shows that makes me laugh. i guess i kinda like popular shows like himym, new girl, simpsons, regular show etc (idk lots more tho) but i cant be bothered to talk about those because.

so yeh yeh yeh mans watch them if you wannaaaaaaa

p/s: i watched the pilot of futurama and it was gr8 so maybe i'll watch more of it after i finish my shows.
here is an unrelated collage (a pretty rubbish one as usual soz)
 ugh these two ones on my blog are horrid i have two more from facebook they're 53% better!!! if u wanna see them comment bye!!!!!!11 i drafted this post last night when it was better omfg why did i do that i just made the collage now ughh 

Sunday, 26 May 2013


I've just signed into my blogspot after a few months and I saw 9 page views? what. I've never shown my blog to anyone so idk if the 9 views are all me? Again, I've logged into my old (not that old) polyvore and started using it too and my sets have views???? wat man. how do people find stuff on the internet?????? I'm sorry if the way I "blog" seems weird. I can't really write what I feel down. I'm also really bad at explaining stuff. Anyways, I think what I want to say in this post is the fashion I've been liking that not a lot of people had talked about? lol 

This one is kinda like the movie "Lolita". I have watched like a bit of it but didn't manage to finish it oops, but I like her outfits. I watched both versions I think there's 2? I'm talking about the coloured one tho. Her outfits are kinda child-like and I like them? lol it's rly hard to capitalise every letter after every punctuations.

Topshop// Banana Leaf Top and Shorts

Etsy// Stylecamp (she has a lot of these with different colours and cuttings, rly nice)

Cynthia Rowley// Hi-Waisted Two Piece (technically a swimsuit but whatevs)

Motel// Sequin Top and Bottom (the full collection)

Asos// Freak of Nature Top and Skirt

Nasty Gal// Sun Daze Top and Sun Fire Skirt

Other ones which I cannot find links but are adorbs

and these links: a, b, and c

I think I like these outfits because of the ring of skin you get in the middle? lol i think it looks nice especially if you can see the line that goes down your stomach. classier than the navel (i think)

picture courtesy of weheartit lol

song of the day: 

omfg i get sidetracked so easily and pls forgive me for all the "?" i'm just a very confused teenager livin in the big world, also if ure u human tht actually reads my blog can u comment so i know ure real thx. also blogging is rly hard wow bloggers u guys r talented. i've actually put effort in this wow like this is so hard you have no idea. btw this post is related to Suburgatory: Sweet Sixteen. 

Friday, 16 March 2012

So another blog again huh. Well this blog (hopefully) shall remain anonymous because I got inspired by a book and thought of creating another blog. Also listening to really nice instrumental music and being late at night, my brain starts to be queer. or something. I would've chose making a youtube and filming myself, but I'm a pussy so